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Next task to modify the dizzy so that the 200SX (S14) ECU would be able to use signal and fire the correct plug
.Here are the pictures of the FJ Dizzy that i have converted so that i can use it as a CAS and put out signal to a S14 ecu


The bonus here is the FJ20ET dizzy is actually an optical setup which happens to be the same as the S14.
You can see here that the disk from the S14 CAS (cam angle sensor) is almost identical to the one for the FJ20 Dizzy. Note to self when drilling the S14 plate ensure it’s the correct way up.

Here we have the modified dizzy ready to supply commend to the coil packs.

It was tested using an oscilloscope to check the signal from both CAS and the Dizzy matched. Once the disk was in the right way up they matched perfectly.

Next I created a coil bank. This was done by using S13 coil packs and opening up the centre so that a spark plug lead would fit.

The coil pack installed into the car.