Our Current Cars

1971 Datsun 1400 Deluxe (model 510)

Bought this little gem from a good friend after selling my 1971 Datsun 1200
coupe. Plan is to keep it close  L series powered however a L20B rather then L14. Also plan on fitting a 5 speed dogleg box from a 180B SSS. Lower it with better brakes and a nice set of rims.

1978 Datsun 200B (model  810)

My first ever Datsun. it’s an Austrailian build car and was import to the UK in
1987 and i bought it in 1991. I had been collecting perfomance parts when a friend talk me into fitting a VG30 (3000 V6) from a 300zx into it. Have to say it’s made a cracking car even better with all that torque that pulls the 200B effortless along the road.

1979 Datsun 180B (Model 810)

My highly moddified Datsun 180B bought this car back in early 2000 and over the
3 years i have completely rebuilt it. Powered by a FJ20ET from a Nissan Gazelle/Skyline and a lot of home made parts on it. More on this soon.

1983 Datsun Cherry (model N12)

the newest car added to the collection. This little car only covering 21k miles from new. Couple of down sides to it are the engine size 1.0 and 4 speed box and the clock don’t work. everything else is spot on.

1988 Nissan Laurel 2.4 SGX (model C32)

I bought this one owner Laurel to replace my dad’s old one. It was a hard choice but this immaculate one cost less to buy than it would cost to restore the old one.


1998 Nissan Primera GT (model P11)

The old GT has been re-shelled onto this body, Sadly a major issues with the sill area of the body and finding a good shell is still relative easy it was a no brainer to re-shell. It also has the 219HP SR20DEH from the silver one 😉 more on this soon.

2013 Nissan Qashqai 360 1.6 DCI

Wife’s new daily what can I say it does exactly what it  says on the tin (and maybe a little more 🙂 )


2016 Nissan Xtrail Tekna 1.6DCI 4×4-i

After driving the Qashqai and the Laurel having some issue I thought I’d treat myself to a new daily and tow car. It does both very well. The auto parking is still a bit freaky.


2004 AutoTrail Dakota.

2004 AutoTrail Dakota. Based on a Fiat Ducato 2.8 JTD. Now on our second year with this and love the ability to go anywhere for a a holiday.

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