1979 Datsun 160B Turbo

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My Nissan Silvia Turbo powered 1979 Datsun 160B. After a long restoration process it lived a short life. These are the only 2 pictures i have of it complete and on the road.
We spent a great weekend at the Moffat classic car event staying at a local B+B. I drove the Datsun 200B and Nicky drove the 160BT. On the way back approximately a couple miles away from home we got separated by a set of traffic lights and i continued home. Just pulling into the street my mobile rang. Nicky was crying and really upset saying she had just crashed.

I spun the 200B around and heading for the location Nicky said she had crashed less than a mile from home. As i approached i could see the devastation, the 160B was embedded in a tree just off the roundabout. There was also a police van there which i can only guess they were very close at the time and came across the accident less face it their usually not quick in responding.
Nicky was sitting in what was left of the car with blood streaming down her face, I managed to get the first aid kit from the police to try and stop blood going into her eyes.
A few minutes later my friend Andy who was also traveling back from the show arrived at the scene he ran over and managed to get the drives door open with a bang as the shell moved and the door wasn’t able to be closed again.
Next minute the sound of sirens from the ambulance, as I looked up I saw the ambulance going sideways on the same roundabout. The paramedics took car of Nicky and took her off to the hospital and I followed.
We spent a few hours at the hospital while Nicky was checked over and thankfully only cuts and bruises and no major injuries. The Doctor allowed Nicky hope that night as long as she was brought back with any major change.
So off we went home. Andy stayed with the car and help get it recovered back home as the AA refused to recover the car.

Yes this is a 45deg bend in the probshaft, The gearbox was ripped from the floor.

During the stripping of the car you can really see just how much the metal folded and showing how lucky Nicky was to only sustain the injuries she did.