Cylinder Head Express LTD – Govan Avoid!!

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I want to warn the good folk out there about this rip off company.



The company is called Cylinder Head Express Ltd 427 Drumoyne Rd, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, G51 4DD (also known as piston components)

Save your self a lot of hassle and bring ripped off.

Not only did the cost double from little under £200 to £400. When I asked for an invoice they asked for futher £80.
Avoid the company like the plague there a bunch of rip off conning twats.

Pictures of the poor shocking work by Cylinder Head express LTD.

It took many hours to remove the swarf from the engine block, I even had to remove the oil plugs and flush through the oil gallery. I’m, so glad they used nasty paint which thankfully came of with little effort.


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  1. I concur.
    I have just had an engine rebuild done by them.
    It cost £1240 and it’s a mess.
    They also cracked my windscreen and l now have a bonnet that won’t close .
    Two warning lights in the dash that l didn’t have before . They are take no responsibility for the mess .